Prohibition on playing for the French national team during Ramadan observed by Konate and others

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The French Football Federation has caused controversy by implementing a rule that prohibits Muslim players in the French national team from observing the Ramadan fast. This rule applies to both junior and senior teams. As a result, several Muslim players have expressed their dissatisfaction with this decision, with some even considering having their names removed from the team. One of the players, Maham Dudyawara, chose to leave the French national team in order to continue practicing his religious worship during Ramadan.

This decision has caused discomfort among other players, as they feel that their religion is not being respected. The president of the FFF, Pilipe Dialo, explained in an interview that the new rule was implemented to uphold the principle of neutrality in the FFF’s founding law and to prevent religion from interfering with the athletes’ performance. The FFF insists that Muslim players must follow the team’s usual organizational and operational rhythm and are prohibited from fasting while at the national team training base. They are asked to change their fasting schedule outside of Ramadan for international trials in March.

The senior team coach in Diardam has called up several Muslim players, including Ibrahim Konate, Yusuf Fovana, Matateo Guendozi, and Osman Dembele, but only at the national team level. The FFF also released a special statement that they will not allow Muslim players in Liuan to break their fast during the match. This decision is based on Article 1.1 of the law, which prohibits breaking the fast during the month of Ramadan, along with the use of the headscarf and the constitutional veil.

Considering that they have a lot of Muslim players in their league, such as Achraf Hakimi, Amin Harit, and Aziz Bouhaddouz, fasting during Ramadan is often seen as affecting the players’ performance. However, former French national team striker Karim Benzema has denied this. He revealed that fasting during Ramadan did not impact his game. In fact, Benzema was the hero of his former team Real Madrid’s victory several times even though he was fasting, including in 2022 when Real Madrid met Chelsea in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. At that time, Karim Benzema broke his fast ahead of the match against Chelsea.

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Shortly after that, the Real Madrid striker scored a hat-trick. Benzema became the star of Real Madrid’s 3-1 victory over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. His three goals helped Madrid advance to the semifinals of the Champions League. A year later, they emerged as champions after beating Liverpool 1-0 in the final. Benzema once again impressed by scoring a hat-trick within 7 minutes during the month of fasting.

He scored a hat trick against Real Valladolid, with one of the goals coming from a pretty good overhead kick. Just a few days later, the former Los Blancos striker scored three more goals, this time securing a hat trick against Barcelona at the notoriously haunted Camp Nou, sealing a place in the Copa Del Rey final. In addition to Benzema, Manchester United’s young player Amad Diallo also performed well, despite playing during the fasting month. The player from Ivory Coast became the hero of Manchester United’s victory.

In the quarter-finals of the FA Cup at Old Trafford, Manchester United secured a thrilling victory over rivals Liverpool. The match seemed destined for a 3-3 draw, but Dialo emerged as the hero for Manchester United by scoring a last-minute goal. The fans at Old Trafford erupted with joy as a result.

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