Taking A Walk On Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong, enjoying Mango Mochi And Large Fish Balls

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Taking a walk on Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong, enjoying mango mochi and large fish balls. Welcome to Cheung chau Island. Well, here you can enjoy the natural beauty of the hills there. The beach is also here. The sound of the waves can really be heard.

Can make you calm. This condition is inversely proportional to the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong which is full of activity. And the distance is also quite close to the city center. I will take you on a tour of Cengcau Island. This is to enjoy the beauty of nature and also delicious culinary delights.

From Hong Kong to Cheung Chau Island is not difficult. The trip can start from Central Pier. There is a choice of two fast ferries and regular ferries. This time I used the fast ferry whose ticket price was HKD 29.2 or about 4 dollars. It doesn’t take long, 35 minutes to get to Cheung Chau.

When I arrived on this island, I was amazed by the comfortable air here, because Cheung Chau limits motorized vehicles. Only ambulances and vehicles carrying goods for buildings are allowed to operate. The rest only use bicycles. It’s no wonder you can find so many bicycles all over this island. OK, because I’m hungry, let’s try the typical Cheung Chau culinary delights. Mango mochi is a culinary specialty of Cheung Chau Island.

Unfortunately the shop owner didn’t let me capture the making of the mango mochi. One of the famous foods on Cheung Chau sland is Mango Mochi. Mochi usually contains red beans or strawberries or chocolate. but this is different from the others. Yes, what is famous here is the mango mochi which you can see is very large in size. And it’s also full. This mango mochi cake sells out really quickly. And coincidentally, I was able to get it in one of the places that is already famous. When I tried this mochi cake, it was full of mango, the mochi layer was small and the mango flesh was sweet. It’s still very fresh. It’s suitable for eating on the beach.

The price of this mochi cake is around HKD 16 or approximately 2 dollars. After I was full from eating mochi cake, I now continued walking again. Only 5 minutes walk, I can find the beach. Even though Hong Kong is surrounded by sea, the water area in the center of Hong Kong is rarely a beach. Tung Wan Beach is the closest beach to the Pier. The only beach with waves that tend to be calm. Tunguan Beach is suitable for tourists who want to relax and swim or play water sports. As a fishing village, processed seafood is definitely very famous. From Cheung Chau, we have also tried mango mochi.

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But there is another food that plays an important role for the people of Cheung Chau. Namely Pau or Bangpau. Every year they have a bangpau festival. This event is quite interesting, namely by gathering people who will then compete to take this panther. As a form of their trust. Express gratitude. Because the island is protected from evil spirits. So that people can feel peace and tranquility for the next 1 year. Because I was hungry again, I invited him to try another typical Cengcau culinary dish, namely giant fish balls. No joke.

The large size of these fish balls is made with typical fish caught by fishermen. With seven flavor choices from original to super spicy. I’ve got a very large Giant Fish Ball or fish meatball. This size is indeed large, so it is approximately five times the size of the fish balls that are usually sold in Hong Kong. Usually these small ones are large, the price for one portion is 2 dollars and contains two meatballs. I chose the curry flavor. The fish really tastes good. Because it is also very strong, the spices, and inside you can see the contents really bounce.

And this fish meat is really very strong. Because most of the people from Cheung Chau themselves work as fishermen. So this catch is immediately made into meatballs. This is how we can enjoy it. This is only available in Cheung Chau. Suppose that in Hong Kong there are other fish balls, but they are smaller in size. So the total healing trip I spent here only spent HKD 59 or around 7 dollars. This could be an economical alternative to traveling all day in Hong Kong.

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