Sumber Gempong Complete and Beautiful Natural Tourism

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Sumber Gempong tourism is located in Trawas sub-district. Mojosari Regency. East Java – Indonesia. Sumber Gempong is a tourist attraction mountains complete with rides. Gazebo, cafe, and a combination of beautiful natural views.

You can enjoy the beauty of Mount Arjuna, up close. Rice fields that stretch for thousands of hectares to small lakes and waterfalls which can also be used for swimming. Suitable for children because it is not too deep. What are you waiting for. While you come to Indonesia for the New Year holidays.precisely in Trawas village. Mojosari – East Java Indonesia. For more details, you can see Google Map.

Just look for the Gempong source tour, for sure will appear in the google map list. Come on, enjoy the beauty of nature while spending your holiday which will soon be over. Thank You

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