The Indonesian National Team Has Several Potential Players Predicted To Become The Backbone Of The Team In The Future

The Indonesian National Team Has Several Potential Players Predicted To Become The Backbone Of The Team In The Future

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The Indonesian National Team has several potential players predicted to become the backbone of the team in the future. Quality players like Justin Hubner and Ivarenner have already proven themselves in the latest Blue Continent competition. The team will receive additional ammunition after PSSI promises to naturalize Tom, HY, and Ragnar or at Mangun cet goog. With the addition of players of new descent, the strength of the Indonesian National Team is increasing ahead of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.PSSI has taken the naturalization oath of Tom Haye and Ragnar Oratmangun, who have officially taken the Indonesian Citizen Oath at the office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. However, Tom Haye and Orat Mangun were still unable to play in the first-leg match against Vietnam because their names were not registered.

After all, they were too busy with the match. But Erik Tohir gave happy news and confirmed that both of them could play in the leg match. Tom HY’s presence will certainly make the Indonesian National Team’s midfield more creative, while Orat Mangun is predicted to take place in the team’s attacking line sector and will also be strengthened by the good performance of Jordi Ahmad and Yan. Currently, the Garuda squad lacks quality strikers in terms of breaking through the opponent’s net. The captain of the Vietnam national team, Do Hundung, also mocked Indonesia’s game. He said that Shintayo’s squad did not have a clear vision and mission of playing style. The coach’s playing was also criticized because he was considered not good in terms of coordination. The joining of Tom Haye and Orat Mangun will be very useful in Sintayo’s tactics. Shintayong explained that the three of them had to be dropped because one of Vietnam’s players was still suffering from an injury, namely Dod.

Vietnam would face the Dutch national team because there were many players of Jzes Doduiman’s descent. Looking at the composition of the Indonesian national team’s squad for the 2026 World Cup, including the central defender position, it is estimated that it will be inhabited by J adzes, a player of Dutch descent who will sometimes play in the match against Vietnam. The presence of judges will certainly make Garuda’s defense line stronger. This 23-year-old defender has a strong concentration on guarding the walls in the defense sector. Apart from that, he also plays with a style of not being afraid to tackle opponents, which was tested when Zes defended the Serie B club, Venice. So far, the player has always been a mainstay, playing in 17 matches in all competitions. Fotmop media even gave him a rating of 7 for Z’s game so far. The ability of former PSV player Andoven cannot be taken lightly. The defender has measurable pass accuracy with a passing average of around 88% in every match.

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Idzes admitted that he couldn’t wait to make his debut with the Indonesian national team. He said he had prepared everything and had communicated with the other players. However, Ides admitted that he was surprised that Cu in Indonesia was very hot. Justin Hubner was predicted to accompany Jes in the defense line. Garuda is getting stronger, as evidenced by Justin H’s ability to bring the Indonesian National Team to qualify for the last 16 of the Asian Cup. His career at the club has also experienced quite a rapid increase. Hopner was captain at Wolverhampton U-21 and several times became the best player in Premier League 2. However, Wolverhampton management loaned him. Hopner went to Serezo Osaka for one season. This decision was widely regretted by netizens from Indonesia because they thought that Hopner’s abilities would be more developed if he continued to play in European competitions. However, this decision was fully supported by the Indonesian coach, Shintayung. The trainer said that Hopner’s decision was right because Jelinek’s competition is considered competitive.

Akiokoiku reveals his reasons for borrowing Hubner from Wolverhampton, and the Sererezo Osaka coach admits that he is very impressed with Hopner’s brilliant career in Europe. According to him, Justin Hubner is predicted to be a great player in the future.The Indonesian National Team’s midfield sector will still rely on Ivar Jener, whose performance has improved at the club level. He has begun to be relied on frequently by Jong FC Utreh in the second caste of the Dutch League. In the last six matches, the player has always been the main choice of the Utreh youth squad. FC Utreh’s technical director, Tim Glison, said that Yener had developed rapidly as a result of the team. Glisen did not hesitate to extend the player Ki Prahyendar’s contract with Yong FC Utre. He couldn’t escape from Sintayong’s observation. The former coach of the South Korean national team went to visit the player in the Netherlands.

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