Pan American Airplane 914 Flies For 37 Fiction or Fact?

Pan American Airplane 914 Flies For 37 Years Fiction Or Fact?

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Pan American Airplane 914 Flies For 37 Years Fiction Or Fact?. This plane flies towards the future over the Atlantic ocean. He flew for 37 years in the air. But they didn’t realize he only felt like he was flying for three hours. So this incident occurred in 1955.

A plane called Pan American 914 took off from New York City for Miami, Florida. And he flew over the waters of the Atlantic. After three hours, it turned out there was no news at all. The Miami airport tower officer immediately called and contacted the New York airport. But the answer is Nil. Day by day changes. Time after time changes.

They speculated that this plane had disappeared, because there was no news that the plane had crashed or landed anywhere. Finally, this plane was officially declared lost. 37 years passed. This plane apparently just landed. Namely in 1992. To be precise, it landed in Caracas, Venezuela. How is this story true? Physical or factual. let’s explore.

This story was told by the tabloid Weekly World News. It is a tabloid that often publishes fantastic fictional news. In other words, it is not a credible source of information. This news appeared in Weekly World News twice, first in 1993 and then in 1999. An oddity was found in the two news releases, where the photo of the “eyewitness”, Juan De La Corte, had a different face.

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Apart from that, there is no valid information from credible news sources regarding the disappearance of Pan American Flight 914. Reported by, the information about the disappearance and appearance of this plane has similarities to the story of one of the television series “Twilight Zone”. So what do you think friends? Maybe it could be a bedtime entertainment story, friend.

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