Marquez’s fate at the American GP when he decided to move to Ducati

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Marquez’s fate at the American GP when he decided to move to Ducati. Jorge Martin said directly to the new Ducati boss that he wanted to take Ena Bastian’s seat even though it was believed he would not continue to be supported by the crew chief.

Crew Chief Gives instructions for Mark Marquez to return as king of the 2024 MotoGP racing series, which will continue in the 2024 American MotoGP from 12 to 14 April. Marc Marquez’s American crew chief, Franky Karcedi, gave instructions so that Marquez knows the weaknesses he must correct, to return to success at Cota.

The first two rounds of the 2024 season are an impressive indication of Marquez’s abilities at Ducati after leaving Honda. He finished fourth in the 2024 Qatar MotoGP race. Then he climbed to the podium in the 2024 Portugal MotoGP sprint. However, the MotoGP world champion was overthrown by Franco Bagnaya at the Portugal MotoGP, when they fought for fifth position and finished in the top 16.

Unfortunately, his crew chief Frank Karcedi posted on social media some big positives from the weekend. “The next step is to start closer to the front and get clean, one step at a time. Says Arcade.” He reported from the crash, he could have had the best race pace. However, in a very different race situation, being in the last group at the front of an overheated team a year earlier, Marquez managed to achieve pole position at the same circuit.

Riding a Honda he was vying to get a start on the front row again. But he lost the front of his Ducati during qualifying. On his second bike, he managed to salvage a less-than-entertaining eighth position with the speed he had shown previously. Early mistakes ruined Marquez’s two races at Portto Mao. According to his crew chief, the third round of the MotoGP season is only 2 weeks away at Cota.

The 2024 American MotoGP race has now made Marquez apply extra focus to the session. Qualified on Saturday to avoid the mistakes that hampered him in Portugal. The accident experienced by Marquez in qualifying four for the 2020 Portuguese MotoGP resulted in extraordinary race speed which he later showed he could not take full advantage of. Cota is one of Marquez’s favorite circuits, a track he previously dominated. He won at Cota 6 years in a row from 2013 to 2018.

Cota is a counter-clockwise circuit because there are more left turns which is the favorite of the eight-time world champion. Marquez’s impressive record can be seen when he managed to win the American GP ten times in a row since this circuit was introduced. 2018 MotoGP calendar.

“I think it’s too early, and it’s better to wait. I’ll show myself this year that I deserve that place,” said Marquez. Meanwhile, said Martin, Grasili himself said that Ducati still had not decided who would occupy the seat next to Bagnaya. The Italian coach also said that they would not set a specific deadline. “Everyone has to patiently wait for the race results to roll out this season. We look at Grassili, many of the riders we work with. We will take decisions when we are ready, so there is no time limit.” he said.

Even though it is believed that his debut with Marc Marquez on the smooth red will not continue, speculation about Marc Marquez’s future after his promising debut with Ducati gave rise to an anomalous opinion from George Lorenzo after he managed to reach the sprint podium and performed convincingly on the Desmosedici GP Red Borgo motorbike.

Panigale Marquez is starting to be praised for being able to appear competitive again, putting aside his fall incident. The performance of this eight-time world champion on a Ducati motorbike is indeed quite promising. Marquez consistently succeeded in being at the forefront of the group of other Ducati racers and showed cool maneuvers thanks to his skill in adapting quickly to the Ducati motorbike, so many thought that Marquez could win the title again, some even spread rumors about him.

May occupy Ena Bastian’s factory Ducati seat, but among these predictions, Lorenzo’s mouth sounds even more ridiculous. The five-time world champion feels that Marquez will not continue his one-season contract at Ducati if he is not recruited to the first team. The battle for the hot seat at the Ducati factory is now more contested between Jorge Martin and Ena Bastianini, therefore Lorenzo, who is Marquez’s teammate at Honda, is starting to have an opinion on where Triggering the KTM name might be a new home for KTM.

It would be a good idea to try to recruit Marquez rather than Lorenzo not only because of his world champion status but also because his relationship with Red Bull matched Marquez with KTM. Therefore, he decided to leave Repsol Honda at the end of last season. Red Bull, as one of Honda’s big sponsors, also chose to leave. The energy drink company from Austria has now joined forces with KTM and since then the Honda motorbike livery no longer has the icon of the dueling red bull Lorenzo.

He said that Marquez couldn’t want to return to Honda if the manufacturer from Asaka had not shown any improvement, which at the start of this season had not shown anything. Following Marini’s sluggish results, it seems unlikely that Marquez will be able to make a return to Honda without significant changes. Lorenzo said their motorbike is currently the least competitive on the circuit. KTM proved to be a better fit for Marquez than Ducati. Another team change would not be an obstacle for a rider of his caliber and I don’t see him wanting to stay at Gresini for another season.