Indonesia’s Scouting Ability To Get Grade-A Players And Its Lobbying Skills To Convince These Players To Defend The National Team Have Been Praised

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The news of Tom Haya and Ragnar Orat Mangun becoming Indonesian citizens has gained attention from various parties, especially neighboring countries. Malaysian media has also highlighted Indonesia’s success in recruiting caliber players, as Tom and Ragnar have grade-A player status. In contrast, Malaysia has 10 hereditary players and four naturalized players, but the quality is not better than young Indonesian players such as Marcelino Arhan or Asnawi.

Indonesia’s scouting ability to get grade-A players and its lobbying skills to convince these players to defend the national team have been praised. Tom Haya, in particular, has become a special attraction for the Malaysian media. Despite his status as an additional player, his market value is the same as Jalil Elias, a blood player. Both players have a market value of 52.14 billion.

Tom and Ragnar’s presence will make Indonesia even stronger, and if other VOC barudak carriages follow, the gap between Indonesia and Malaysia will be wider. Indonesia and Vietnam are aiming for the runner-up position in the standings of Group F in the World Cup qualifying round. Indonesia is in 4th position with 1 point, while Vietnam is in second place with 3 points. If Indonesia wins against Vietnam, they will get three points and shift Vietnam’s position to second place. This will make the second leg of the match at the Mydein stadium easier.

If the match ends in a draw, Indonesia can still maintain the runner-up position. Whatever the result, the best is hoped for by the Indonesian National Team. A link to buy football and national team wall posters is also provided in the text.

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