Manchester United faced Liverpool in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup

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Manchester United faced Liverpool in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. It was a highly competitive match that lasted for 120 minutes and had 43 shots. The game took place on Sunday, March 17, 2024. Manchester United took the lead in the 10th minute thanks to a goal by Gold Scot Momin. However, Liverpool managed to equalize through Alexis Mister. Later in the first half, Mohamed Salah scored a goal, giving Liverpool a 2-1 lead before the break.

In the second half, Manchester United managed to equalize thanks to a goal by one of their players. The score remained tied at 2-2 until the end of the 90 minutes, and the game entered extra time. During extra time, Liverpool took the lead once again, this time scoring through Hervy Al. Manchester United equalized through a goal by Marcus Rasf, bringing the score to 3-3 just before the end of the second half of extra time.

In a dramatic turn of events, Manchester United managed to take the lead once again through a quick counter-attack that resulted in a goal by Amadialo. He received a yellow card for taking off his shirt, which was his second of the game, resulting in his being sent off for the remainder of the match. No more goals were scored after that.

Manchester United won the match 4-3 and advanced to the semifinals of the 2023-2024 FA Cup, along with Coventry City, Chelsea, and Manchester City. The semifinals will take place on April 20th.

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