Hunza Valley: Heaven for the Angels of the World

Hunza Valley: Heaven for the Angels of the World

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Hunza Valley: Heaven for the Angels of the World. Maybe that’s the right sentence to attach to the girls of the Hunza Valley. because they are too beautiful and beautiful for men to look at. Hunza Valley is located in northern Pakistan at an altitude of 2500 meters above sea level. This valley, which can be said to be remote, is the place of origin of beautiful women who are recognized in various parts of the world.

These beautiful women come from the Hunza ethnicity. The Hunza ethnic group lives in the Hunza Karimabat valley of Pakistan. The valley is between three large mountains, namely the Karakoram Himalayas and the Pamirs. The Hunza Valley is flowed by a very clear river. Life in that area can still be said to be traditional. The majority of residents of the Hunza Valley are Muslim. Hunza women have their own special features and beauty compared to women in other regions.

The majority of Hunza women have beautiful looks, sharp noses, smooth skin, thick eyebrows and beautiful eyes. Apart from being called angels, Hunza residents also live longer than other regions. There are even ethnic Hunzas who live to be 160 years old. Not only that, Hunza women who are 40 years old still look young, and not surprisingly, women there can still give birth at the age of 65. The Hunza ethnic community survives by farming and being carpenters. Apart from that, they also get additional income from the tourists who come there.

Not only that, what is unique is that the women of the Hunza Valley also have skills in carpentry. So it contributes greatly to the economy of the Hunza people. Most of the Hunza ethnic community adheres to a plant-based and vegetarian diet. They rarely cook food using cooking oil. Fruits such as apricots, cherries, grapes, berries and peaches are all cultivated by the Hunza, and they are also accustomed to consuming grains and bread. This is what makes the Hunsa people live healthy lives and of course live long.

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The Hunza ethnic group is accustomed to living a healthy lifestyle, they eat regularly twice a day, with a menu of fruit, vegetables and nuts, therefore ensuring that there are no chemicals mixed in the various foods and drinks consumed by the Hunza people. In fact, generally they regularly fast at least twice a week. As well as regular exercise such as walking through the valley.

The village where they lived was so isolated and built into the side of a cliff that they had no choice but to navigate the rough roads and steep mountains. The Hunza ethnic agricultural land is also located not close to settlements. Some Hunza ethnic farms can be a 2-hour drive from the village of peaceful life in the mountains far from viruses, a lifestyle imposed by the times that has kept them away from stress. And stress will be the gateway to various diseases, such as those most experienced by people who live in urban areas.

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