These are 5 countries that lack men in the world

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These are 5 countries that lack men in the world. Each country definitely has a different population. Especially about balance between genders. Unlike Singapore, there are several countries that actually have problems with gender imbalance in their population.

This is because there are too many women compared to men. This problem is considered very important because it can affect the security and economic development of the country. For this reason, several countries do not hesitate to take serious action.

One of them is being willing to pay money for men who want to move to their country, and marry local women in that country, following information on five countries experiencing a men’s crisis. If you want to know what countries, let’s read:

1. Russia

Russia is a vast sovereign country with an area of 17,125,500 km2, so it is not surprising that Russia holds the title of the largest country in the world. Because its area covers one-eighth of the land area on earth. Apart from that, the country with the capital Moscow also has the 9th largest population in the world, reaching 146 million people. However, with its fantastic area and population, this country, which also produces the most beautiful women in the world, is experiencing problems with the gender balance of its population. According to the Russian federal state statistics service or called Rostat. Calculating the country’s population results reveal that Russia’s population of around 146.9 million consists of 68.1 million or 46% men and 78.8 million or 54% women, or a ratio of about one man to 4 women. This was caused by several factors, one of which was the impact of World War II, which claimed the lives of at least 25 million soldiers.

2. Estonia

Estonia is a sovereign country in the form of a Republic and is located in the Baltic region, Eastern Europe. Estonia has an area of 452,207 km² with a population of around 1.3 million people. However, the ratio of men and women is very different. According to population data, the male population there is only around 200,000. The remainder, namely 1.1 million people, are women. The gender ratio is one man to 5 women. Estonia is predicted to be a paradise for men. This country with the capital Talinn has adequate public transportation. And you can use it for free. And for the female population in Estonia besides having beauty like an angel. The women there are also friendly and happy to open their hearts to anyone who wants to approach them as long as they are sincere.

3. Latvia

Latvia is a republic with an area of 64,500 km². With a population of around 2 million people. This country, whose capital is Riga, was one of the countries that experienced a decline in its male population after the second world war. In 2015 there were only 84 Latvian men for every 100 women. At that time the female population reached 54.10% of the total population. Even though Latvia is known as the nest of beautiful women in Europe. For men, one of the many purposes of visiting a country is to get to know its women. And if you are also like this then visiting Latvia is very suitable for you. It is a known fact that Latvian women are on average very beautiful, even according to a survey, Latvia is the country with the largest number of models in the world.

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4. Belarus

Belarus is a country that was part of the Soviet Union with the fewest number of men compared to women. Belarussia has a population of approximately 9.4 million people. Of that number, the male population is only 1.2 million. The rest are female residents. The ratio is one man to 9 women. Belarus is also one of the countries with the most beautiful women in the world. With a characteristic sharp nose and slim body. However, if you want to live here, you have to prepare yourself mentally and with self-defense skills, because Belarus itself is one of the countries that is considered the most unsafe region in Europe, because of its very high crime rate.

5. Lithuania

Lithuania is a country in Northern Europe. The country of Lithuania has its capital in Vilnius. Lithuania has an area of 65,300 km². With a population of 2.7 million people. Meanwhile, the ratio of men is 0.89%. Lithuania is also known as having the most beautiful female population, with the characteristics of sharp noses and sexy lips. Those are the 5 countries experiencing a men’s crisis. If you are a man and still not married, there is no harm in trying to visit this country. Who would have thought that you would have a suitable partner to marry?

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