5 Countries That Don't Have Nighttime in the Northern Hemisphere

5 Countries That Don’t Have Nighttime in the Northern Hemisphere

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5 Countries That Don’t Have Nighttime in the Northern Hemisphere. A variety of cultural information from various parts of the world will be discussed at clipartclipart.com. This time we will review unique facts about 5 countries that do not have night time.

Maybe you are wondering, why do these countries have such long days? Day and night usually last evenly, namely 12 hours, especially for people who live at the equator of the earth. Including Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Brazil.

These countries are among the lucky countries because they get 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night. This time is very balanced and makes it easier for people to carry out activities. This also has an impact on the climate in equatorial countries which are categorized as tropical climates. and only has two seasons, namely summer and rainy season.

However, in this world it turns out that there are several parts of the country that have day and night with unequal composition, or the day is much longer than the night.
This condition or phenomenon is called Midnight Sun. Where at night it should be dark but it still looks very bright like daytime. Usually the countries that experience the midnight sun phenomenon are in the northern hemisphere. So what countries experience this midnight sun phenomenon? Let’s read the review.

  1. Norway
    Norway is the world’s most nightless country. This phenomenon is commonly experienced by Norwegian society. However, what is extraordinary for people in other countries is that this country is located near the north pole sector. Norway is a country that experiences quite extreme seasonal changes. One of the cities in Norway called Hammerfest, which is in the far north, has 24 hours of daylight from early May to late July. This causes the air in the city to be very hot and you have to use air conditioning. Apart from that, several other cities in Norway will experience a phenomenon called midnight sun where the time is already midnight but the sun still seems to be setting. but actually it doesn’t, so the country only shines at dusk and then becomes bright again.
  2. Finland
    Finland is also a country that experiences midnight sun. However, it is not as extreme as other Northern countries. A hot afternoon in Finland will feel like the afternoon. It’s a bit dark but there is still sunlight behind the clouds. Finland is also known as the country where it is most difficult to find nights during the summer. Because this country is in the arctic circle, during summer the sun will shine for 24 hours.
  3. Canada
    Canada is a country located on the American continent. This country indeed has its own uniqueness, this country is located in the northern part of the continent, famous for its maple leaves and is also the 2nd largest country in the world, which makes Canada an interesting and widely visited country, but it turns out that its phenomenon and uniqueness is not only large and its production is two cities in Canada, namely Yukon and Nunavut are two cities that always experience very long days. During the summer in Canada, people here can’t feel the sunset and night comes. In summer, the sun will be there all day from June to August.
  4. Alaska
    Alaska is a country within the United States and is famous for its abundant natural resources. Alaska is a country that does not have a sea, which causes Alaska to be separated by land from the United States. Apart from the natural resources which are its attraction. The phenomenon of daylight throughout the day also occurs in this country. One of them is the city of Borrow which experiences 24 hours of daylight for 90 days. The native people of the city use aluminum foil in their homes to darken the house and create the impression of nighttime so they can sleep peacefully.
  5. Sweden
    Sweden is a country with a blue and yellow flag. It is a country located in northern Europe which is very close to the North Pole. This causes one of the cities of Lulea to experience daylight for 23 hours and the city only experiences darkness for 30 minutes during the summer. Until people tried to darken their house for more than 30 minutes to make it look like it was nighttime. That was a review of countries that experience midnight sun. Have you ever experienced the midnight sun phenomenon in these countries? If so, you can also tell us in the comments column. Thank You. Look forward to further interesting reviews only at clipartclipart.com
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