20 Unique Things in Russia That You Must Know

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20 Unique Things in Russia That You Must Know. Russia is the largest country in the world and borders Asia and Europe. This country has a variety of relief and ecosystems as well as customs and traditions that are strange to the world.

Russians have a habit of keeping bears. Authorities have urged them to stop adopting bears, but the practice remains legal. There are many other interesting facts about Russia. They live their lives What are their habits and what not to do.

  1. Nights in Russia can last up to 6 months. And in the city of Nurils located almost 3000 km from Moscow is one of the coldest regions in the world. Here the temperature can be below zero and last up to 280 days. In addition, there is no summer like in other parts of the world.
  2. Russia is the most multi-ethnic country in the world. It is inhabited by more than 200 different ethnic groups. Currently there are around 42,000 Russian residents of indigenous origin. And because of its location, the children of this native people are taken to school by helicopter.
  3. In Russia there is an area called the Tundra. This is a place where tree growth is hampered due to low environmental temperatures. Therefore this area is called a treeless area. Tundra is found in the northern region of the earth or the Arctic circle. It is also found near Antarctica and on high mountain peaks. Plant growth in the tundra area only lasts for 60 days. The only types of plants found in the tundra are those that can survive cold weather, such as phagnum, shell moss, annual plants, shrubs and reeds.
  4. Russians consider it bad luck to forget something and go back into the house. Anything can be done to avoid going back into the house, for example asking relatives to bring them forgotten items.
  5. Foreigners pay higher prices in Russia, such as paying entrance tickets at many tourist sites. Only Russian citizens get a discount to enter this tourist spot. This is a way to encourage local tourism.
  6. In Russia there are many female police officers, namely about 20% of the police force. This number is a high number, especially compared to countries such as the United States where only 13% of police officers are women. But Russian policewomen are often given administrative duties. This is due to their level of education, they do not hold leadership roles, and do not have the ability to hire or fire.
  7. Russia imported snow in the winter of 2019, because that year the temperature in Russia was the warmest in the last 133 years. And there is no snow in some cities like Moscow. So the authorities decided to import it. On Verskaya Street, which was closed for 10 days for New Year’s celebrations, tractors were seen plowing snow.
  8. In mid-April, when the weather is not so cold, and to celebrate the end of winter, the bravest young people go to the Graeilka festival in Siberia, they practice sky and snowboarding in bikinis, swimsuits or carnival costumes.
  9. Most people in this country usually sit down to reflect for a moment before taking any trip, be it a flight to another country, moving to another city, or any other type of trip. They need to sit at home for a while before leaving. It is believed that this action will keep them safe during the journey. This is normal for Russians.
  10. It is common to appear at the top of lists of the world’s most unfriendly countries. Because Russians are taught in school not to smile, because it is not the cultural norm for Russians to smile at foreigners. Instead other people are viewed with suspicion, until they prove they can be trusted. Russians should not smile in work situations or in serious conversations. Only if there really is a reason to smile. Even so, Russians are kind to foreigners. When they ask for directions or information.
  11. The longest train in the world is the Trans Siberian railway. Crossing 8 time zones, passing through 87 cities and crossing 16 rivers. And this train is recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the longest train in the world.
  12. Volga is the longest river in Europe. This river flows into the western part of Russia. Widely viewed as the national River in Russia. 11 of Russia’s 20 largest cities including its capital Moscow are located on the banks of the Volga river.
  13. One fifth of the world’s trees are found in Russia, equivalent to 643 billion trees. This number is greater than other countries. 45% of Russia’s territory is covered by trees and most of it is in Boreal forests. This is the area that used to be under the glacier. And now it is home to a large number of animal species. Such as Siberian tigers, wild boars, eagles and owls.
  14. All Russian men between the ages of 18 and 27 must serve 1 year in military service. Although many manage to avoid it for medical or study reasons, and even with bribes.
  15. Political figures who opposed the Government were sent into exile, under the pretext of their military obligations, even though medical reasons would not save them. Police identified people suspected of not having served in the military during the demonstration, and will detain them on charges of opposing the Government.
  16. A remote town called Omyakon is located in Russia and is known as the coldest inhabited place on earth. It is located in Eastern Siberia and is closer to the Arctic Circle than any other city. The temperature in this city is very extreme, reaching minus 35 degrees below zero.
  17. Thousands of Russians have the habit of going to ice swimming clubs. It is estimated that in recent years around 30 thousand people have practiced ice swimming.
  18. In Russia there are more women than men. Among other things, women have a longer life expectancy. From 35 years to 39 years old there are 1100 women for every 1000 men.
  19. To this day Poland and Russia debate the discovery of Vodka. But what is certain is that Russians are Vodka drinkers. So it is not surprising that in Pietersburg they have opened a museum dedicated to this liquor. In this museum they tell the story of the drink, from its origins to modern culture. You can also find Vodka bottles in all shapes, such as human shapes, weapons, animals, mythical creatures, and human heads.
  20. Russia hosts an exotic competition called the Bubble Baba challenge. Where participants have to swim 100 meters using dolls. The first 5 swimmers to cross the finish line will win prizes.
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