The Profession Of being An Animal Communicator Can Be Found In The Figur Deri Waluyo

The Profession Of being An Animal Communicator Can Be Found In The Figur Deri Waluyo

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The profession of being an animal communicator can be found in the figure Deri Waluyo. All day Deri and his pets interact with each other. They even seemed to be talking to each other. Being an animal lover and having many pets since childhood made him more sensitive. Not just animal behavior. But also animal sounds. It was this sensitivity that made him take the profession of animal communicator seriously. “If you learn by yourself, you’re actually not learning. If you could say this is a sensitivity from childhood.

There is indeed an escape. The effect of childhood trauma. Finally, I also didn’t know that the term animal Communicator existed. Because in my opinion, communication with animals is really the basis intuition and also telepathy. Which in fact we all have. Talent is just sensitivity. It depends on the human itself. According to Deri, sensitivity to animal sounds can be trained with meditation. Because the way animals speak is different from humans. When a cat meows or a bird sings, it doesn’t matter. “This means the animals are talking. Even when they are silent, it could be that the animals are conveying something. Because animals use telepathy to communicate.” Deri said explaining.

Currently Deri has around 40 pets, consisting of various types. Being able to communicate with animals is truly an advantage. Deri’s pets also have quite unique requests. The most unique request from Mas Deri’s pet so far is a cat asking for a birthday party. Deri’s cat’s name is Marrow. The birthday party is actually just for the cats. Then ask to make it like wet food.

And it’s like blowing out the candle. Wearing birthday clothes. Then other cats have asked to find a mate. Because the cat is a girl. Either way, I’m asking for a necklace. At that time I asked for a necklace with big flowers. Because he wants to stand out from the rest. In the last few years he has been carrying out the profession of animal communicator. Usually served via the Zoom application. Or meet in person. As he did, Marco is a dog that Deri will interact with. According to him, the first meeting with an animal is one of the important moments in a communication session. Greeting the animal calmly is the key to making the animal feel comfortable. In communicating, Marcel, as the owner of Marco, admitted that he had never used the services of an animal communicator.

The reason for using animal Communicator services was to find out what Marco felt while living with him. The reason is that Peng actually knows what Marco is feeling right now. Is he sick or how does he feel? With Marcel as Marco’s owner and caretaker all this time. It’s more like that. This is the first time. Actually, it’s been a long time. I want to try it. But I haven’t found the right one for Marco. When I met Mr. Deri, it seemed like this was what I was looking for.” said Marcel when we interviewed him. 1 session usually takes 10 minutes. Not just communicating.

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Deri also does reiky or energy healing processes with animals. “So what I did with Marco was actually I did reiky energy healing for Marco. Which is to balance the energy in Marco’s body. Because animals have chakras. If these chakras are not balanced, they will affect the emotions and behavior of the animal. And ultimately It can become a medical disease if left for too long.” Deri explained. According to him, energy balance in animals is very necessary for animals. Marco’s case, he found an energy imbalance in Marco’s throat and stomach. Apart from that, Deri managed to reveal what problems Marco was facing at home. After the session on the dog Marco ended. Marco is more relaxed. And Marco’s wish is that he doesn’t want to be restrained or on a leash.

Marco wants to be more free. This black dog understands what his master wants. After this, Marsel, as the owner of Marco’s dog, will no longer lock him up. or tie his neck with a rope. Marco is one of the many clients that Deri has handled. It turns out that anyone can become an animal communicator. There are long stages that must be passed. And you have to be diligent in dealing with animals. Not only that, an animal communicator must have a great love for animals. And don’t use animals as play objects. He must treat animals well as fellow living creatures.

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