Sky Burial A Tibetan Tradition That Provides Bodies For Birds To Eat

Sky Burial A Tibetan Tradition That Provides Bodies For Birds To Eat

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Sky Burial A Tibetan Tradition That Provides Bodies For Birds To Eat. Funeral processions around the world have consumed a lot of land and land. Not only that, many trees were also used to make coffins or burial boards. This has led some people to look for environmentally friendly ways to prepare final resting places for the dead.

One of the most modern burial solutions is cremation, which can cause the body to turn into compost or be dissolved. But not all green solutions are new. Humans have noticed that some winged carnivorous animals can serve as a means of honoring and eating the dead. This practice, which has been a tradition for 11 thousand years, is also known as sky burial.

In sky burial known as heavenly burial, is a burial practice carried out by Buddhists. And is actually a common way of dealing with the dead in the Himalayan region of Tibet. This burial method is also practiced in Mongolia. Sky burials usually take place a few days after the person dies. This is because the corpse and ceremonial tools need to be prepared first. Once ready the body was taken some distance into the mountains.

To the heavenly burial place. Here the smoke is billowing and the residents who are carrying out the funeral are burning the grass. To attract the attention of carnivorous birds. Like vultures which usually eat human corpses. Burial experts supervised this process where birds would eat the dismembered body by a pall bearer. The remaining body parts of the corpse or corpse are then collected and burned. The bones were crushed and mixed with waste from the Tibetan staple food made from roasted flour. Butter and tea, which also serve as bait for vultures that eat human remains. So why is sky burial carried out in Tibet? The climate in the region has historically been unfavorable for burying bodies in the ground.

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Apart from the hard and steep mountainous land. The cold weather also makes it difficult for people here to dig the ground. This shows that sky burial had both practical and ceremonial benefits for the Tibetan people. Apart from that, this burial method is also related to the pragmatism of the Tibetan people. They believe that after we die the soul is freed and a physical form is no longer necessary.

The carnivorous carnivorous birds brought into the funeral procession also demonstrate Tibetan culture’s positive relationship with nature. Return to earth as food for living creatures. It is considered a benevolent and worthy way to lay the body of the dead to rest. And Coincidentally it’s also kind to the environment. Cutting up the remains of the dead is a terrible and extreme way for Many people. But offering one’s body to the birds is something considered honorable by Buddhists in Tibet and Mongolia.

This funeral procession is very closed and private. Often without family present. This process is also carried out in a way that is considered to make the soul’s journey easier. Therefore their right to privacy must be respected. Tourists should not look for sky burial locations. And visitors to the area should not linger to watch if they happen to come to see such a ceremony.

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