Snorkeling and diving on the very beautiful Penanas Island

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Snorkeling and diving on the very beautiful Penanas Island. In Bangka Belitung there is a beautiful and beautiful island. Its name is Penanas Island. Well, if we were traveling on land, here we are going on a water tour to Penanas Island in Buukulimau village, East Belitung Regency, here the eyes of tourists will be pampered with a stretch of white sandy beach combined with the beauty of colorful coral.

Not only that, for those who like snorkeling or diving, you will Fascinated by the underwater beauty of Penanas Island where there are lots of beautiful fish swimming freely, especially in Penanas, here we can find various types of coral, so it’s not just one type, for example, here we have a spot on it. it’s called e Spot, there we can find a lot, we can continue to see, smelly coral, coral, cool fish.

Anyway, if you are planning a holiday here, prepare excellent stamina because it takes about 45 minutes to travel from the fishing port in Manggar. East Belitung and you need to pay IDR 250,000 to arrive at Penanas Island.

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