End of Year Holidays, Prepare Your Vehicle for a Long Trip

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End of Year Holidays, Prepare Your Vehicle for a Long Trip. The holidays have arrived. Traveling with your family to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the capital city is something you look forward to as the end of the year approaches.

Apart from preparing logistics during the trip and the condition of the vehicle, you must also pay attention to the condition of the vehicle. Like Rahmat who plans to return home during the Christmas and New Year holidays. For him, good vehicle condition is the main factor to pay attention to before making a long trip. And it’s in preparation for a long holiday, so if I’m on a long holiday, I usually go home to my village, which happens to be quite far away in Central Java.

So you really have to make sure the car is in good condition. So I don’t want to have problems on the road when I return home. Or maybe there is a problem with the car, according to Rahmat, several things, such as the oil filter, oil and braking system, are important things to service before the vehicle is used for long trips. Another important thing to pay attention to is the condition of the tires. The easiest way to ensure the condition of the tires is by looking at the threads on the tires. The most important thing is the tires.

So tires are the safest item because they are in direct contact with the road surface. So the most important thing is the tires. Where the age of the tire has a period and the tire has a year of production which is one of the benchmarks. We determine the age of the tires for those of you who have an electric car and plan to travel long distances using an electric car, make sure you understand the capacity of your vehicle’s battery and do research on several points. Because on the route we are going to take we have to know what capacity of the electric battery we are using. Don’t just use the vehicle without knowing the capacity available in the car. If the capacity is insufficient, it’s a good idea to charge it first before going on a long trip.

Basically, there is no significant difference in the preparations that must be taken to make a long trip using a fuel car or an electric car, but it is still best to take your vehicle for service before traveling long distances.

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